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Deborah Young's screenplay themes focus on various subjects, i.e., betrayal, admiration, defeat, courage, honor, slavery, abuse, etc.; read Visual Poet's Thirty, 30 Days of National Poetry Month


Deborah Young's screenplay manuscripts will soon be available for productions with organizations that value and respect creative subject matter. 






Visual Poetry


Players Of Valor, The Negro League Baseball Visual Poem


Baseball Diamond With Crowd At Home Plate


Excerpt:   ...They were all cleverly competitive

Outstanding leaders who blazed trails 

They were players of the Negro Leagues

All dedicated to the sheer enjoyment of the game

They were appreciated, respected

And we are ever so glad, they came...



Excerpt from Players Of Valor, The Negro League Baseball

Copyright by Deborah Young

A poem honoring the Negro League Baseball players  


Learn about the Negro Leagues Baseball at







Visual Poetry



   Underground Railroad  Visual Poem 


Crowd Gathered On The Railroad To Freedom 


Excerpt:   Paved railroad

They stole away, with their broken spirits, towed...



Copyright by Deborah Young


A poem honoring the escape from slavery  


An Abbreviated List Of Deborah Young's Screenplays


Black Pearl screenplay about how a medical emergency hurls a young lady down memory lane



Rhythm, The Rhythm Night Club Story screenplay about the devastating, 1940 Rhythm Night Club fire that rocked the Natchez, Mississippi, African American community.  Approximately two hundred and fifty souls perished as a result of the fire; African American citizens of Natchez, Mississippi and eight of the popular Chicago swing band, Walter Barnes and his Royal Creolians



At Last, Love screenplay about a rejected soul who finally experiences unconditional love and acceptance



George and Agnes screenplay of a riveting story of true love in the midst of slavery, in Natchez, Mississippi during the early 1800s



Forks of the Road screenplay about the selling of human beings at the 1800s Forks of the Road historical site in Natchez, Mississippi; ironically positions Natchez to initiate the platform for national racial healing  



Reality Slumber screenplay about how the HIV, AIDS epidemic jolts a close knit group of urban professionals



Determined screenplay displays how a young female entrepreneur stands tall despite adversity






Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


Copyright laws does, protect Deborah Young's works; therefore, they may not be used, copied, distributed, etc., without written, notarized permission from Deborah Young.  Please respect Deborah Young's copyrights so as to avoid swift, costly, legal actions.  Contact Visual Poet