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The author, visual poet, Deborah Young, just as other Americans, has enormous respect for the Department of Defense, United States military.  In addition, Deborah Young, visual poet extends the utmost appreciation to the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM); U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), U. S. Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM), U. S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and U. S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

For, it is the Department of Defense, United States Special Operations Command components that effectively assures the overall security of the United States.  Watch Military Tributes, Troops Salute YouTube Video and President Barack Obama Salutes the Troops YouTube Video, follow Whitehouse Saluting Service in Iraq and

Visual Poet Recognizes United States Military Special Ops Warriors as the 2014 Person of the Year...


The visual poet's Military Salutes page is dedicated to the United States service members who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And, the Military Salutes page is dedicated to the entire military; United States Army, United States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and United States National Guard.  Honoring Those Who Served in Iraq, as the War Comes to an End You Tube Video is a tribute to all service members who have served in Iraq; including the fallen heroes.   Check out other USA patriotic sites


Deborah Young joins America in celebrating Memorial Day, observed annually the last Monday of May, Veterans Day, recognized every November 11th and National Military Appreciation, May 1st - May 31st.  


Deborah Young, Visual Poet honors American Veterans and Service Members.  The Veterans Tribute YouTube Video is a Veterans Day reminder to eternally respect the patriotism and sacrifices of United States military Veterans and active Service Members.


Recent international developments, inspired the author, Deborah Young to write poems to honor United States troops; Troops, Troops, Superior, Troops, USA, etc.  The author, Deborah Young created Soldier, USA, Marine, USA, Airman, USA, Sailor, USA, Coast Guardsman, USA, and National Guardsman, USA visual poetry to honor United States service members, fallen heroes and veterans.  The author also created bust of soldier, etc. on stand. 


The Visual Poet, Deborah Young honors Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired) as a Black History Legend.  Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired) was First African American female Master Sergeant, 1st Sergeant and Command Sergeant Major of the United States Army Reserve 75th Maneuver Area Command; MAC.




Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright (retired)




Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright Bust on Stand Visual Poem


Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright; a resilient lady, undeniably

You undoubtedly stood with self-confidence, steadfastly

Many ordeals were tackled with ingenuity

When a marriage of several years; went awry

You made many a sacrifice and efforts to fortify

And, you raised two children alone; with one salary, shy

You were a mo' bettuh mother; endearingly called, Mommie

The proud, doting, devoted extraordinary grandmother; Mimi

Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright

27 yr veteran; USA military was in your DNA

The Army Reserve MAC

That 75th Maneuver Area Command, boosts your dossier

You persevered with poignant patience; distress didn't mentally fray

Sho' 'nuf courage and gumption; were often on display

No amount of fear; did you ever, allow to ricochet

And, oh, what towering composed strength, did you convey

For your allegiance, our gratitude will never, outweigh

Your willingness to serve America, without delay

You will forever live on in God's platoon in the sky, ah

Thus, a bust on a stand exalts your Army Strong traits; hooah

Soldier; we genuinely, salute you, outright

Godspeed, Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright


Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt from Godspeed Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright; We Salute You Outright


A tribute poem for Command Sergeant Major Vivian Bright



 Marine, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - Marine on Pedestal



Vigilantly, valiant Marine, that's, my, name

Semper Fi, a Marine, Always, Faithful...   

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt Marine, U. S. A.



   Soldier, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - Soldier on Pedestal   


Excerpt:  Fervently, diligent Soldier, that's, my, name

Dignity's quality, I display, all aflame

I wear, the USA sealed sleeve patch, without claim to fame

I will fight to the end, without shame 

If in combat, I should die, do not grieve and do not cry

Just know that, for my sacrifices, I will live on, in God's platoon, in the sky

A Soldier, Army Strong...   

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt Soldier, U. S. A.


A poem recognizing the uniqueness of U. S. soldiers




 Airman, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - Airman on Pedestal   



Audacious, reliable Airman, that's, my, name

Service Before Self, an Airman is crème de la crème...   

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt Airman, U. S. A.



         Sailor, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - Sailor on Pedestal   



Superbly, first-rate Sailor, that's, my, name

Not Self, But Country, a Sailor steaming to assist...   

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt Sailor, U. S. A.




   Coast Guardsman, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - Coast Guardsman on Pedestal


Definitely, devoted Coast Guardsman, yes, that's, my, name

Always Ready, defender of the homeland, the marvelous USA...    

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt Coast Guardsman, U. S. A.




 National Guardsman, U. S. A. Visual Poetry Image - National Guardsman on Pedestal


Uniquely, alert, National Guardsman, yes, that's, my, name

National Guardsman, Always Ready, Always There

A force to be reckoned, truly, acclaimed...   

Copyright Deborah Young

Excerpt National Guardsman, U.S.A.


                                                                Troops, troops, troops, superior

                                                                You march with courage, this you clearly display

                                                                No amount of fear, will you allow to ricochet

                                                                You march with dynamic dedication

                                                                And, oh, what glowing commitment, you convey...


                                                                Copyright Deborah Young

                                                                Excerpt from Troops, Troops, Superior


For approximately sixty or more years, the U. S. Postal Service has created postage stamps to honor the U. S. military.   The Benjamin O. Davis stamp.  The Buffalo Soldiers stampThe Iwo Jima stamp.  The U. S. Merchant Marine stamp.  The U. S. Navy stamp.  The Women In Our Armed Services stamp.  The Desert Shield stamp.  The Purple Heart stamp.  The U. S. Coast Guard stamp.  The U. S. Army stamp.  The World War II stamps, etc.





U. S. Postal Service

Military Stamps



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