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The author, Deborah Young honors mothers everywhere.  But, a special tribute is made to a

very exceptional lady, the author's mother, Theron Payne Young  The poem Momma  was

exclusively written to honor a unique mother, Deborah Young's mother.  Mother's Day is a

special time for the author.  It is not only the day to honor a unique mother but

also the Visual Poet, Deborah Young's birthday.  Deborah Young, Visual Poet,

Children's Author, Playwright, Poet and Screenwriter was born on Mother's Day,

May 8th.  Deborah Young was indeed a Mother's Day baby.   



Visual Poet Celebrates Mother's Day Birthday, May 8, 2011; Kick Start Visual Poetry Tours

Creative Cuisine by Visual Poet, Deborah Young; Momma’s Mouth-Watering Sweet Potato Pie YouTube Video





Visual Poetry Image - Mother, A Lady, So Uniquely Rare Visual Poem - Mother


Excerpt:  ...Mother, never, will she ever compare

A mother is surely, a lady full of divine strength and patience

So uniquely, rare...

Mother, A Lady, So Uniquely Rare Copyright by Deborah Young


A poem honoring the extraordinary qualities of mothers   



                       Visual Poetry Image - Momma Visual Poem - Crystal Vase For Tea Roses

Tea Roses = I'll remember always, I'll remember you always, I'll always remember you



On the 8th of May

At 2:10 pm, a splendidly, delightful

Mother's Day

You gave me, the right of way

All six pounds and ten ounces of me

I'm quite sure it was an easy, painless delivery

Your special Mother's Day baby, I will always be

And you, will forever be my mother

My mother with that unique style

Of comedy, bravery and Christianity...

Mother's Day Gift

Copyright 2000 by Deborah Young



...Momma, I remember you

Just, as if, it were yesterday

You had such a loving, gentle, caring way

You made sure each of us kids were always spic and span

We were made to feel like princesses and princes in a fairyland

All, because of your unique, creative sewing hand


Momma, I remember, you

For every birthday, a delightfully, delicious cake, you would bake

To you, everybody's date of birth was a reason for celebration's worth

For every family outing or a weekend, Jonesville trip

You made sure there were lots of laughs and games that were cool and hip

For every picky eater, you magically made the messy smear disappear

In your lap, you held the little one, softly, near

You served fresh spoonfuls of cereal, green beans, carrots or even stew

And, with your smile and a song, you made it easy to chew and chew

For any and every fall

You were there with aid and on God, you always, did call

For each and every fear, you had a funny, funny cheer

For every flower, you gave a big hug and a kiss, full of encouraging power

For every injustice, you meekly stood in defense, ever so tall

And, in a lady like manner, you put a stop to it, once and for all


Momma, I remember, you

Not one of us, your love, did we ever, doubt

You, most definitely set a sterling example of a mother, considerate and devout

Nobody, nobody was ever overlooked or went without

Not us kids, not daddy, no matter how much we would yell or pout

Not the woman who needed a coat, as she fled a husband's vicious shout

Not the homeless woman, looking for handouts as she aimlessly wandered about

Not even, the man who escaped from a chain gang, looking for food and a waterspout

Not one person in need, did you ever, refuse to help out

With a personality such as yours, disclosed in any given dossier

Momma, for you, there will be an eternal tribute on display

A tall, elegant, crystal vase, filled with a gigantic, colorful, fragrant, tea rose bouquet

For, you will always be a beautiful, chic, classy, compassionate mother, I say

Momma, I remember you clearly, as if, it were, yesterday...


Momma  Copyright by Deborah Young



...It would have been, your day

On the ninth of September

We would have been on our way

We would have viewed the Eiffel Tower

We would have strolled down Broadway

Or, we would have cruised to Jamaica

While listening, to calypso play

We, sho' 'nuf, would have

Celebrated your birth, of yesterday...

Copyright 2000 by Deborah Young

An excerpt from Your Day



You left, way, way, too soon

That crisp morn, in the hospital room

As God's angels, plumed..

Copyright 2000 by Deborah Young

An excerpt from You Left, Too Soon



Only four years of play

Still, I recall the day

There was pouring, pouring rain

And, you went away

But, I just needed, you to stay...

Copyright 2000 by Deborah Young

An excerpt from Only Four Years Of Play



Momma, momma up above

My beloved

You provided platforms

Of acceptance and unconditional love

When you went away

I staggered and staggered many a day

Finally, I tapped your wisdom's relay

Now, today, I stand tall and confident, in every way

And, without the slightest hint of a sway...

Copyright 2001 by Deborah Young

An excerpt from Momma, My Beloved





© Copyright.  All Rights Reserved.


Copyright laws does, protect Deborah Young's works; therefore, they may not be used, copied, distributed, etc., without written, notarized permission from Deborah Young.  Please respect Deborah Young's copyrights so as to avoid swift, costly, legal actions.  Contact Visual Poet